Greyhound Racing Victoria Employee Enterprise Agreement

An employer cannot change or terminate a worker`s employment: the worker must receive reasonable expenses before leaving the employer`s premises where a worker is on the job: 7.1 A provision that can be facilitated provides that the standard approach in a bonus scheme can be deviated by agreement between an employer and a single employee or employer and the majority of workers in the company or part of the company concerned. Start with our document search and try to search for full-text chords. 8.2 At the beginning of employment, the employer informs each worker of his or her nature (full-time, part-time or casual). Workers` rates of pay must be applied in accordance with the HGTA. Premium and/or compensation rates may vary from time to time; (z.B. negotiations between the parties to the bonus or salary case or the revision of the standard federal minimum wage. NOTE: Minimum rates applicable from 1 July 2019 for workers covered by this award will be published on the Commission`s website. These rates will increase on February 1, 2021. Full-time and part-time workers must send or receive notification to terminate the employment. A casual worker may move to full-time or part-time employment at any time if the employer and the worker consent. Important Note It is important to note that non-compliance and compliance with staff conditions may, in certain circumstances, result in costly fines or prosecution. Apart from sanctions, such incidents generally affect companies that consume valuable time, with rights and other disruptions in the workplace, because of the morality and confidence suffered. Fair Work Commission publishes enterprise agreements on this website.

If you`ve searched and can`t agree: full-time employees work longer. On average, they work 38 hours a week. (a) A worker who is required by the employer to perform the duties of a position at a higher classification level for 4 hours or more must receive the rate applicable to that higher level for all work performed that day. A full-time employee has a current job and works an average of about 38 hours per week. The actual hours of work of a worker in a particular occupation or sector are agreed between the employer and the worker and/or are determined by a bonus or registered agreement. 14.3 An employer retains no more than 2 days` wages for full-time and part-time workers. The wages of casual workers are paid in full. During the trial period, workers continue to receive the same rights as those who are not on probation. Business agreements can be tailored to the needs of some companies. An agreement should be overall better for an employee when compared to the corresponding bonuses or rewards.

An employer can convert a worker`s full-time job into a part-time or casual job without the worker`s consent.

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