What To Do When A Parent Violates A Custody Agreement

Ask the judge to make changes to the custody order. Hello, I have an 11 month old daughter whose father is not in her life. He denied it when I was pregnant. Wasn`t there at birth. Never signed the bc or affidavit of descent. He didn`t help her at all. I`ve been doing everything since day 1. Now that everyone sees her on FB and says how pretty she is, they want to have her. Our recommendation, which I objected to, is that he be able to get them on certain days, but that has threatened my life and the lives of my daughters. I tried to get a PPO, but it was rejected for lack of evidence and the judge said he said these things because he was crazy.

Smh. He abuses drugs and sells them. We have a hearing date for my appeal of August 15, 2017. He sends the police to my house to pick up my daughter, and I refuse. Do I have to answer my door over and over again so that the police tell them the same thing every time? We have already had a contempt hearing on this subject and his request has been denied, but he keeps coming back with the cops. Oh, that`s right, you work so hard. It doesn`t matter if you don`t work hard enough to be able to say you “can`t offer” what you should. You work so hard when you feel like it. And you also have needs. You have an electricity bill to pay and you need gas for your car, you have to eat, and you`re trying to save for that vacation because you deserve a hell of a break. And if you only have a few things left after that, why send “your” money to “help” your child`s mother? It was their decision to be in that situation anyway, wasn`t it? Maybe she should have endured your abuse, addiction, business or just your unhappy relationship, she wouldn`t be a single mother now. Maybe in a few weeks or months, when you make a little more money, you might decide to be too generous and send a few hundred dollars.

Not because you`re legally obligated, but because you`re such a good guy who wastes your kids on everything you have left, and you do everything you can, and she should be grateful that you even want to help, right? My son`s father has visitation rights. The first time he was rewarded, he left the country for 3 months and did not bother to visit him. He came to see him 3 times from June to October, and if I met him, he wouldn`t show me and call me until night saying he had just woken up. He left the country in November and returned in May, leaving my CHILd for 7 months. He won`t tell me where he lives or give me an address. Am I going to get into trouble in court because I held him back? If your ex doesn`t allow you to see your children or otherwise violates the custody order in place, you can file a motion to have your case sent back to court. When you take this step, a number of things can happen. The actions the court takes will depend on a few factors. If your ex has generally followed the custody order so far, this may help your ex`s case. I just want you to ask yourself this question: do you really know what you are doing if you refuse to send family allowances? Do you realize everything you do for your mother`s quality of life and well-being by doing nothing? Do you realize that no matter what happened between you and the woman you loved enough to have a child, you are still responsible for your child`s financial stability and supporting the person who dedicates their entire life to raising your child? Not because you`re generous or because you`ve been paid a little more, as if you`re being flown to a homeless person around the corner, not because a court has asked you to do so, but because it`s your responsibility, without expecting exaggerated praise or thank you letters.


Author: daniele130