Security Camera Installation Agreement

6.1 This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and replaces all insurance, contracts, declarations and prior agreements, whether orally or in writing All other conditions are excluded to the extent most permitted by law, including all conditions that the Client wishes to possibly apply. 6.2 The terms of this agreement can only be changed by a written agreement between the parties. 1.3 The customer acknowledges and accepts that all possibilities for cutting, excavating, ditching, supplying 240 network connections, installing cables, modifications to existing devices, connecting to fire, heat or detection and lifting systems required for height work are not included in the installation of the security system, unless the offer is indicated. b) if CCTVGUY has not made an offer, an amount calculated for the additional services provided at CCTVGUY`s standard prices on that date. 1.1 CTVGUY must install the safety system during normal working hours with all the appropriate skills and care and perform the work in a professional and professional manner. 5.1 The parties agree that they must first make every reasonable effort to resolve disputes arising from this agreement within 10 business days following a written submission from a party. 3.2 During the warranty period, all security installations that are found to be defective are repaired or replaced by CCTVGUY according to the resolution device of choice. 3.4 The parties agree that the assessment of an alleged failure of the security system will take due account of the fair wear and tear of all equipment costs provided under the security system. If the customer or any other party attempts to make repairs, operate or modify the security system in any way during the warranty period without CCTVGUY`s consent, CCTVGUY will be relieved of its obligations under the provisions of the warranty. 1.9 Small construction work such as ditching, backfilling and restoration, search provision, charity work, blinking, hunting, carpentry, and the provision of supports and foundation materials must be carried out by other persons at no cost to CCTVGUY. 3.5 In addition, the warranty does not cover work necessary to repair defects or damage caused by negligence, negligence, negligence, misuse or misuse of safety equipment, or by circumstances beyond the control of CCTVGUY or the control of the manufacturer, including as a result of vandalism, fire, water damage, electricity or other acts of God. 1.8 In the event that CCTVGUY has agreed to install the security service on the basis of customer-provided information regarding the condition of the premises and cited CCTVGUY on the basis of such consultation, any unexpected problems that may arise in premises containing additional work or equipment may lead CCTVGUY to increase the fee indicated in the offer.

Author: daniele130