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Microsoft® has corrected this by offering a CAL Suite bridge. The CAL Suite Bridge allows current CAL Suite customers to retain their local access rights that are not included in the cloud-based Enterprise Mobility Suite or Office 365, while maintaining their enterprise-wide EA commitment and maintaining their platform price reductions. THE BRIDGES CAL Suite are available by monthly subscription and are allowed per user. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Find out how your comments are handled. It`s no secret that many companies are migrating from local indeterminate software licenses to cloud-based subscription licenses. However, it is important to note that switching from local to cloud is usually a gradual process, not just a matter of disabling the local data center for a day and connecting to the cloud the next day. There are also situations in which a company may want to move certain features to the cloud (p.B. Office 365™) and local management of Exchange Server and SharePoint® server for an indefinite period. The result is a number of licensing issues, as cloud-based subscriptions often contain components other than indeterminate licenses. For example, permission to obtain a version license under Software Assurance is required for an unlimited license, but since subscriptions contain the latest version of a product, the need for this aspect of SA does not apply in the cloud.

Similarly, some permissions contained in core CAL Suite and The Enterprise CAL suite with SA with SA may not be applicable in the cloud, but they remain locally necessary. . Core CAL Suite Bridge for Enterprise Mobility Suite Windows Server products typically allow you to purchase server licenses (SharePoint) and user/peripheral access licenses (CAL) for each user/device that connects to the server. One could buy any of these CALs one after the other. But there are more efficient ways (accounting and costs) to buy them if you use several of these products. You can buy a CAL suite. There is a core CAL suite that contains standard edition CAL (z.B. Exchange Standard and SharePoint Standard) and an Enterprise CAL (z.B. Exchange Enterprise and SharePoint Enterprise suite). These include a number of products.

From a customer`s point of view, they are cheaper and easier to take into account. From the point of view of resellers, there may be more work if a customer has CALs for unused solutions. Your email address will not be published. The required fields are marked – The documents on this website compare and compare the two suites and the features they support. CAL Suite Bridges addresses the following “workloads”: specific products and functions are combined differently in cloud workloads than locally, but a CAL Suite bridge can only be applied to identical workloads. To purchase cal-suite bridges, users must have an Active Enterprise Agreement (EA) with the company`s online terms of service enabled. You must also have a company-wide obligation for the Core CAL or Enterprise CAL Suite and active insurance software for local users and devices.

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