Heritage Revitalization Agreement Local Government Act

(d) in the case of land which the person responsible for granting the authorization considers to be protected by the Historic Monuments Protection Act, the local government shall be informed by the Minister of Cultural Heritage that the requirements of this Act have been or do not apply. 587 A regional district is not authorized under that Part and its board of directors is not a local government within the meaning of that Part, unless the regional district has adopted a statute to establish and manage a service related to the conservation of cultural heritage. 5. A person who carries out an inspection of the protection of historic monuments may carry out tests and take samples of materials necessary for the inspection of historic monuments, but must do so in such a way that any modifications are as minor and discreet as reasonably possible, taking into account the requirements of the inspection of historic monuments. The following are some of the benefits for municipalities that have a keen interest in the planning and conservation of cultural heritage: (11) When a communication is submitted in accordance with subsection (10) (a), the Agreement on the Revitalization of Cultural Heritage and any modification thereof are binding on all persons who acquire an interest in the country concerned by the Agreement. 2. Subject to paragraph 4, the authorisation to modify cultural heritage with regard to cultural heritage or protected property within a historic monuments protection zone may amend or supplement provisions of one or more of the following provisions: The local government or delegate shall inform the applicant of the conditions or conditions under which a use or density proposed by the applicant is provided for in Article 588, paragraph 2 [Restrictions on the use of this In part, it is possible to do so. 615 (1) Where an official community plan designates an area for the protection of historic monuments, a person may not take any of the following measures, unless authorised to modify the cultural heritage authorising the action: 597 (1) In addition to the power conferred by Article 263(1)(f) of this Act or § 143 [Municipal Commissions] of the Community Charter, A local government may designate an existing organisation acting as a Community Heritage Commission. .

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