Dot Isp License Agreement

We have shown everything there is to know about a unified ISP licensing agreement. If the above information is unclear or if you wish to apply for an ISP license in India, please contact our telecommunications advisors. The rest of the agreement contains the terms of the Unified ISP License. They are worded as follows: The Department of Telecommunication (DOT) issues a single license to ISPs and authorizes them to provide Internet services to customers. To obtain the licence, ISPs must enter into an agreement with the Department of Telecommunication. This agreement is called an isP licensing agreement or licensing agreement for Unified License. AN ISP or license agreement for Unified License is a contract between the Internet service provider and the Department of Telecommunication. Upon agreement, both parties issued the Unified licence to the PSI for about 20 years. The details that the PSI must complete are: Through this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the fai licensing agreement. While the table above can be changed to add/delete services or services in the event of granting another service authorization or retraction/delivery/re-termination of a licensed service under the terms of the license schedule. 2.

This certificate is valid for 20 years from the effective date of this certificate, unless it is revoked earlier for other reasons of the document. The validity period allowed under a chapter of Part II of the Unified Certificate 3 is co-terminus on the date of validity of this single certificate. M/s – Print Judgment is a premium feature. Please update by clicking on the button below. . . . This Contract is concluded on the date of Ashoka Road, New Delhi – 110,001 (hereafter referred to as the licensee) of the FIRST PARTY. IN WHEREOF WITNESS, the parties executed the agreement by the respective authorized representatives on day 5. This unique license was issued on a non-exclusive basis and additional licenses may be issued from time to time in each service area, with no limitation on the number of licensees with the same access conditions or other access conditions.

3. The licensee accepts and unequivocally undertakes to fully comply with all the conditions set out in this licence agreement and without exception or any reservation of any kind.

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