Digital Transformation Agency Enterprise Agreement

Funding is responsible for processing and approving all applications from authorities requesting a waiver from the use of a mandatory AUC. Applications for exemptions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and an applicant agency must be able to demonstrate that commercial needs cannot be adequately met by the relevant AUC. This means that about 60 DTA employees stayed in one year, culminating in the agency`s relocation under the control of the new Services Australia division, which is part of a reorganization of the provision of public services. Over the past 12 months, the Agency has also implemented an enterprise agreement for all non-SES workers to ensure that “rights and remuneration remain competitive.” The increase in turnover is also characteristic of an agency that works on short projects with multidisciplinary teams composed of both seconded employees and contractors. A DTA spokesperson also declined to comment on the reduction, including the number of contractors and consultants who had left the Agency or whether this had been done en masse. With Amazon Web Services (AWS), a new sourcing volume agreement has been reached for the entire government. The agreement will simplify the procurement process and achieve significant savings through a broader and more consistent set of pre-negotiated terms for all users. For non-corporate Commonwealth companies that already purchase AWS services, existing contracts will be transferred to the new agreement and new contracts will be concluded as part of the general government agreement. The agreement can also be used by all other government authorities, including state and territory governments. Although AWS cloud services offer the ability to choose which cloud data zones are stored in, it is recommended that all agency data or the majority be stored in Australian cloud areas. Authorized users of the CUA must sign confidentiality agreements in order to access a copy of the terms and conditions.

You can start this process by sending an email to the contract manager. Last year, the DBA, through its Director of Digital Capacity Lucy Poole, described the government`s reliance on contractors as one of the main obstacles to implementing technological reforms. AWS CUA uses the contractual agreement (enterprise agreement) between the federal government`s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). This enterprise agreement is called the AWS Whole of Government Agreement (WOGA). We have negotiated a few changes specific to the WOGA to meet the VA`s requirements. Exemption requests must first be e-mailed to the Director of Common Use Arrangements to the Director of Common Use Arrangements. Applications for exemptions can be received by letter or email, but must be submitted in writing and contain sufficient explanations and reasons for the application to be considered. The requesting official should be the responsible authority or the Agency`s delegate. The Agency`s latest management report shows that the “current turnover rate” reached 26.8% in the past year, almost 9 points higher than in 2017/18.

The advice provided on the DBA website suggests that the Agency uses a range of techniques to attract and retain staff, including flexible work rules, development opportunities and even a wellness program. The DTA continues to expand volume-sourcing agreements with suppliers to ensure that the government has access to the best prices and conditions, with Amazon Web Services (AWS) being the last provider to register.

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