Coop Collective Agreement

In a press release, the Co-op said the new collective agreement “creates a much-needed balance between the appreciation of the company for our unionized employees and the tax realities of the refining sector,” noting that it would help ensure a sustainable future for the company. “This agreement is about competitiveness within the refining industry and long-term sustainability,” Gil Le Dressay, vice president of retrofit operations, said in the press release. “It`s about continuing to be an economic driver and providing good jobs for this city and province for generations to come. Our industry is changing and we have only just begun to see how new regulatory requirements and external pressures will shape the future of our industry. We must all recognize that these changes are imminent. We will be better able to face this future as partners if we work together to achieve our common goals and interests. Saskatchewan refining workers have ratified a preliminary agreement with Federated Co-operatives Ltd. that ends a six-month dispute over the company`s defined benefit pension plan. The new seven-year collective agreement for Unifor Local 594 members, who voted 89 per cent in favour, maintains DB`s retirement provision and employer-friendly worker savings plan for existing workers. Salary improvements are also included in the agreement. Please click on the shop below where you work to view the collective agreement, local meeting and more.

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&Ave.C FreshCo – Saskatoon (without pharmacy) 33rd St. &Ave.C FreshCo (Safeway Operations) – Saskatoon (pharmacy only) Read: Unifor condemns Co-op`s “last offer” to retirement, files unfair labour practices complaint read: Saskatchewan NDP calls for mandatory mediation to end Unifor and Co-op Pension Dispute The 730 workers have been locked out since December, when they voted against the strike to protest the Co-op`s proposed pension changes. . . .

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