Cctv Service Level Agreement Template

Francois Malan, Managing Director of Camsecure, has extensive experience in installing and maintaining surveillance solutions in South Africa, Africa and the Middle East. He came to iLegal 2016 to make a presentation focused specifically on what was a maintenance program and what companies should make sure were included in their SLA (Service Level Agreement) with their service provider. Too often, maintenance reports and LSAs on word-of-mouth are made when the provider meets with the manager concerned. The SLA should consider formal, weekly or monthly reporting processes, as required, as well as documentation for each system installed, any work performed, and any changes made. The SLA must also contain procedures for appeals and reports. Here are the response times, the number of calls needed per month, the out-of-out rates, the spare parts to keep on site or at the service provider, and the process around employment cards and protocols. And that leads to the issue of media coverage. An SLA is made up of much more than the few elements listed above, as Malan explained in his presentation, but it`s a job worth doing well. At the end of the day, it doesn`t matter how much you spend on a security or monitoring project if you can`t keep the systems at an acceptable level and at a predetermined acceptable price. Malan pointed out that the main facet of your maintenance and service relationship is communication. Everyone concerned must know who to contact in different situations, what correspondence is needed (e.g.B.

Orders, invoices, reports, etc.) and the timetable for the corresponding responses. The facility or safety manager (or any person in charge) must also ensure that service standards and equipment performance are defined and documented in the contract. The company should also set performance and maintenance criteria and measure them year after year. This ensures that everyone understands the minimum necessary and gives the provider a basis from which to work. It will also provide the customer with a basis on which they can measure the performance of the service provider, in order to avoid any misunderstanding or clue when a person expects one thing and receives another. He also advised companies to look beyond the legality that makes up most of these contracts and make sure that no one in the customer`s or service provider`s business knows what to do. Make sure your business requirements are clearly specified in the SLA. Waffle leads to bad service and endless misunderstandings. To do this, it offers to first define the service you need. Do you need someone to clean the cameras once a month? What if you checked the camera firmware for updates? How about making sure the cameras show exactly where they`re supposed to point? What about the servers and computers in the control room — who maintains and updates them? These and many other issues need to be clearly set out in the AAA.

One of the important points Malan made during the presentation was the need for a defined maintenance program that does not rely solely on an on-demand service provider. Not only will this help your system run optimally at all times, but it will also be less expensive than making a call every time something goes wrong – or simply ignoring the problems until they are big enough and sufficient to warrant a call fee…

Author: daniele130