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Confidentiality is another issue when it comes to using Excel for contract management. Many agreements will contain sensitive data, such as costs or salaries, and will only be tailored to certain people. It Project PortfolioPlan Planning with Excel 26,728, Image Source: Contract Tracking Excel Template Templates TrackingOutreach Tracking Spreadsheet Free Download Excel Tracking Template With a Microsoft Excel Program in Your Computer Means: That You Have an Advantage in Organizing and Analyzing The Information You Have for a specific task Contract Tracking Excel Template Access Contract The Microsoft Access Contract Tracking database is a fully functional Microsoft Access database model that displays and creates contract tracking data All forms and reports used in the database are created only with access control systems. where each party must terminate the termination of an automatic extension, can distinguish between signing dates and renewal dates, calculate the dates on which payments are due, identify the parties linked to a contract and even identify the nature of the agreement, which constitutes a contract, whether it is a sales contract, a framework contract, a lease agreement, a service level contract, confidentiality agreement, etc. for the time record board and examples of Excel training matrixes Time recording table, for example: renewal If the contract is valid, this section can follow the notes and comments. For example, your organization can enter into a sales contract with 10 annual renewals. Each year, the contract is renewed, a form must be filled out, as well as other benefits. Describe the requirements/expectations in the Renewal Instructions field. Budget model for the non-profit organization 1, source of images: Notify Days to Cancel/Review: This column should be used to define a number of days before the end of the contract in order to verify the agreement.

The conditions for automatic renewal and cancellation must be taken into account when setting up The Notify Days to Cancel/Review. Ultimately, contract management is a complex process that requires a clear record of all agreements, followed by ongoing monitoring and updating. This will help support compliance and governance. More information about this can be found in our explanatory article on contract management. Contract title/name: A short title for the contract used for a quick and simple reference. For example, if your organization has a new master service agreement, it can call it “counterparty – type of agreement – date.” Example: “CobbleStone – MSA – 20170604.” This could save time and effort later when looking for a contract. Because a company is growing and generates more contractual agreements, it is also necessary to create a central repository in which data can be tracked. Without a special place to register contracts, it is not uncommon for them to be stored fragmented in email accounts or perhaps in filing cabinets.

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