Agreement Accounts

The price of your use of the Services with a Connect Platform depends on your agreement with the Connect Platform. Stripe does not control and is not responsible for any Connect Platform fees charged to you that should be clearly stated in your Platform Agreement. Stripe`s standard fees for services are published on our website, although Stripe may have agreed on fees with a Connect platform that differs from these amounts. Stripe`s fees will either be communicated to you separately or consolidated with the platform services fees. Stripe has the right to deduct from your Stripe account both the stripe fee for services and the platform service fee that has been indicated to us by the Connect Platform. If your Stripe balance turns negative, you authorize Stripe to debit the amount due from your payment account. If you believe that the fees have been incorrectly deducted or that your Connect platform has not communicated its fees to you correctly, please contact us. It is agreed that the new banking agreements ensure that the successor bank undertakes to immediately inform the other parties to the account agreement of any deterioration of the account bank. This application includes the general terms and conditions of sale of the account agreement for current accounts, including the disclosure of Regulation E, which applies to consumers who use electronic money transfers. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE BANCORP BANK ACCOUNT AGREEMENTThe present Account Agreement comes into force on 1 July 2020.

Thank you for using Stripe Connect. This agreement governs your use of Stripe Connect and describes how you and your third-party providers may use stripe Connect to enable you to use Stripe`s services, including the ability to accept payments for goods or services or obtain charitable donations and other related services. Please read the Stripe Connected Account Agreement that begins under the Recipient Information section when you use Stripe Connect to use Stripe`s payment processing services. This Agreement applies in addition to and not as a replacement for your account operating agreement or other existing credit agreements. Stripe offers Connect Platforms the ability to use Stripe Connect to facilitate payments to suppliers who have provided goods or services. You are not a striptease customer and the associated account agreement does not apply to you if you receive payment from a Connect platform for the provision of a good or service. Stripe makes it easy to transfer funds based on instructions given to Stripe from the Connect platform. You may have a separate agreement with a Connect platform for the Connect platform to pay you for goods or services. Please contact the Connect platform if you have any questions about the status of the funds that the Connect platform has sent you. Depending on your location, a Connect platform allows you to obtain the proceeds of payment payment processing on a bank account linked to your debit card (“Instant Payment”). Your Connect platform should inform you if your use of instant payments is related to a fee. If instant payments are used, Stripe will attempt to settle the payment processing proceeds within minutes of receiving the payment request….

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