Accounting Subcontractor Agreement Template

Retainer – deposit to the accountant to start his services. Usually for more important accounting tasks or before reporting and reporting. The first statement begins with the documentation of the date on which both parties enter into this agreement. To do this, you must record this calendar month and calendar day in the first blank line and the year in the second blank line. The accounting officer must be mentioned in this declaration. So look for the field called “accountant” and indicate the legal name of the mandated accountant. You must consolidate the identity of this entity by specifying its mailing address in the following three blank lines. The client who intends to engage the aforementioned accountant through these documents must have indicated his full name in the blank line marked “client”. His postal address must also be indicated here. Use the last three blank lines to indicate the address, location, and status of the customer`s mailing address. PandaTip: The conditions set out in this draft contract apply to contracts for outsourced accounting services. Of course, we recommend that a licensed lawyer check them to make sure your contract meets all the legal requirements for the region in which you work. We must attach a report on the date on which the terms of this agreement will be opposed to the act.

In “VI. Term”, you need to select one of the three checkbox instructions to define when the accountant should work for the client. If you want the accountant to work for a predefined period, select the “Fixed period” box. If this is the case, you need to enter the first calendar date on which the accountant should work on the first two empty lines, and then the final calendar date of his job in the last two empty lines. If this employment agreement begins on a specific date and continues until further notice, select the second checkbox to check (“Current Period”). The two blank lines in this selection have been indicated so that you can report the first calendar date on which the accountant starts working. If you wish, you can activate the third box (“Other”) and then describe how the first and last calendar day of the accountant`s work is determined. In the seventh section, it says: “VII. Termination”, we will report on the termination of this agreement and, therefore, on the use of the relationship between the accountant and the client that we are discussing here. If this agreement continues until it is “terminated by both parties”, mark the first control box and note how many days the party terminating the contract, the other party in the blank line according to the words “.

At least. If only the customer can end this relationship, select the second check box. Once you have done so, indicate the number of days that the client must complete with the accountant. If only the accountant can end this relationship, select the third check box. Be sure to report the number of days before the scheduled termination date by the accountant to the client in the blank line as “. The provision of the customer. “The State responsible for monitoring this Agreement should be in the empty line according to the term .” Is in the state of” in the article entitled “XIII. The law in force. The next articles will deal with the accountant`s payment. We begin with this report in the second article (“II. Taxes”). You must activate one of the control boxes in this section to describe the accountant`s rate of pay….

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