2018 Standard Reinsurance Agreement

(e) the undertaking must provide data and demonstrate a satisfactory current account balance in order to obtain a reinsurance agreement and maintain a reinsurance agreement for the reinsurance year defined by FCIC. This PDF is the current document, as it was published on 10/10/2018 at 8:45 am on public inspection. Although AIPs are required to report actual expenditures to RMA and insurance utilities, RMA does not publish data on AIP expenditures. Other sources available for these data are incomplete in all participating DAPs, are not based on harvest or reinsurance years, or come from sector surveys. Congress could consider whether the requirement that AIPs certify actual expenditures reported to RMA – or that such submissions must be subject to independent review – would improve the transparency and efficiency of the program. Given the difficulties encountered in verifying the costs of delivering PGIs from publicly available sources, Congress could also consider whether RMA should provide it with this information on a regular basis in any way. State insurance services require PGIs selling state-regulated insurance products to provide detailed cost data for all lines of insurance, including Bundes crop insurance,28 in the financial statements. Unlike RMA, insurance utilities use calendar years instead of harvest or reinsurance years. The State Insurance Department`s annual accounts largely follow the same format, but may vary slightly from state to state. Table 1.

A&O Cup and Cap inflation Multipliers for the 2011-2018 reinsurance years The standards set out in this Directive apply to an undertaking that applies for and maintains a reinsurance contract. From the 2011 reinsurance exercise to the 2015 reinsurance exercise, the Cup increased by US$49,426 $US,865 and the cap by US$62,162,622. Despite the increase in potential procurement subsidy expenditures presented by the Cup and the adjustment of cap inflation, future inflation adjustments are not mentioned in either the 2011 ARA or a subsequent SRA. Notes: Plans cover land losses, usually at the circle level. The SRA does not define that it is generally available in the context of surface policy.. . . .

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